• VHB Foam Tape

    VHB Foam Tape

    Foam tape is made of EVA or PE foam as the base material, coated with solvent-based (or hot-melt) pressure-sensitive adhesive on one or both sides, and then coated with release paper. It has the function of sealing and shock absorption.

  • Vhb Foam Double Sided Adhesive Tape

    Vhb Foam Double Sided Adhesive Tape

    ITEM Acrylic foam tape CODE ALCFT(G) ALCFT(T) ALCFT(W) ALCFT(B) BACKING Acrylic foam ADHESIVE Acrylic adhesive BACKING COLOR Gray Transparent White Black THICKNESS 0.4mm-2mm 0.4mm-2mm 0.4mm-2mm 0.4mm-  2mm JUMBO SPECIFICATION 800mm*33m RELEASE LINER Red PE film Main features 1. It has excellent sealing performance to avoid gas release and atomization. 2. Excellent resistance to compression and deformation, that is, the elasticity is durable, which can ensure that the acces...
  • Acrylic Foam Tape

    Acrylic Foam Tape

    Water activated kraft paper tape is made of kraft paper base material and coated with edible plant starch adhesive. It is sticky after passing water. It is environmentally friendly and non-polluting. It can be recycled and recycled resources. To ensure long-term stickiness without moisture.