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  • 2022 new arrival colorful floral stem bouquet tape green floral tape

    2022 new arrival colorful floral stem bouquet tape green floral tape

    Floral tape is made from crepe paper impregnated with a mixture of proprietary wax and polyolefin film.

    Strong and easy to tear, the tape itself is not sticky and slightly elastic. It is one of the commonly used tools when arranging flowers and artificial flowers, and it is also an excellent choice for DIY handicraft .

    The floral tape is typically used for flowere arrangement, there are different color for your reference.

    Jumbo roll size: 1120 mm*4000 m

    Finished products:  12 mm*30 y, 24 mm*30 y, can customize it as your request

  • Breathable stretch film

    Breathable stretch film

    It is a reinforced breathable stretch film with fishnet-like breathing holes on the surface, which can speed up air circulation and solve many problems such as easy receipt of ripening gas, moisture, corruption, mold or condensation, so as to ensure the freshness of food products. At the same time, the unique reinforcing fiber of the respiratory membrane can also prevent the membrane from rupturing and provide better load carrying capacity.
    At the same time, the breathable stretch film has the advantages of light weight, good elasticity, air permeability of 80%, low packaging cost, and recyclability. It is widely used in food and beverage, dairy products, pet food, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical products, agricultural products markets, gardening markets, flower markets, etc.

  • Anti-freeze Carton SealingTape

    Anti-freeze Carton SealingTape

    Sealing tape is also know as Bopp tape and packaging tape.It is suitable for the storage of goods in warehouses, the shipment of containers, and the prevention of theft and illegal opening of goods. It can prevent product leakage or damage during transportation,has some feature of strong viscosity, fixing ability,no residue, it’s also the low-cost packing .

  • Anti-ultraviolet masking tape

    Anti-ultraviolet masking tape

    Masking tape has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, soft clothing and no residual glue after tearing.It is suitable for all kinds of decoration industry, electronics industry, industry, footwear and other uses, with good covering and protection.

  • Easy tear stationery tape

    Easy tear stationery tape

    Sealing tape is also called bopp tape, packaging tape, etc. It uses BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film as the base material, and evenly applies pressure-sensitive adhesive emulsion after heating to form 8μm—-28μm. Adhesive layer is an indispensable item in the life of light industrial enterprises, companies, and individuals. The country does not have a perfect standard for the tape industry in China. There is only one industry standard “QB/T 2422-1998 BOPP pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for sealing” After the high-pressure corona treatment of the original BOPP film, a rough surface is formed. After applying the glue on it, the jumbo roll is formed first, and then cut into small rolls of different specifications by the slitting machine, which is the tape we use daily. The main component of pressure sensitive adhesive emulsion is butyl ester.