• Painters Masking Tape

    Painters Masking Tape

    Masking tape including temperature resistant maksing tape (normal temperature masking tape, mid-high temperature masking tape, high temperature maksing tape), color masking tape , anti-UV masking tape , etc. Masking tape  has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, soft clothing and no residual glue after tearing.It is suitable for all kinds of decoration industry, electronics industry, industry, footwear and other uses, with good covering and protection.




  • Colored Masking Tape

    Colored Masking Tape

    Masking tape is a roll-shaped adhesive tape made of masking paper and pressure-sensitive adhesive as the main raw materials.Used for packaging ,indoor painting; car painting;high-temperature painting in electronics industry and decoration,diatom ooze,spraying cover protection such as cars,electronic products,strapping,office,packing,nail art,paintings,etc.

  • Colored Painter’s Tape

    Colored Painter’s Tape

    Double-sided tape is made of paper, cloth, plastic film as the substrate, and then the elastomer-type pressure-sensitive adhesive or resin-type pressure-sensitive adhesive is evenly coated on the above substrate. The roll-shaped adhesive tape consists of three parts: substrate, adhesive and release paper (film).