• Bopp office stationary small tape

    Bopp office stationary small tape

    Stationery tape is the tape commonly found in offices for general purpose use. It is also known as cello, cellophane tape, or sticky tape.

    This kind of stationery tape is used for repairing torn paper, putting together paper projects and posters, sealing envelopes, and arts and

    crafts, among other uses.


    Light weight, strong tensile strength, no discoloration, no deterioration, high adhesion, smooth sealing

    Small and light, easy to carry around

    Transparency, no discoloration and deterioration, easy to tear, easy to use.


    • Ideal for permanent packing, sealing, holding and splicing
    • Excellent for home, office and school
    • Useful for card and paper


  • Home School&Office Stationary Tape

    Home School&Office Stationary Tape

    It is mainly used in carton packaging, spare parts fixed,sharp objects tied and artistic design.