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Flame retardant double-sided tape Chinese manufacturer

short description:

Flame-retardant double-sided tape is a double-sided tape with excellent flame-retardant performance, which meets ROHS, halogen-free, and REACH environmental protection requirements.

product advantages

(1) Flame retardant and fireproof
(2) Strong chemical resistance
(3) Excellent thermal stability
(4) Strong waterproof and penetrability
(5) High temperature resistance (-30 degrees to 200 degrees)

Product Detail

Product Tags

structure Flame Retardant DS TapeHigh temperature resistant flame retardant double-sided tape use:

Application field:

Automotive, electronics, membrane switches, fixed nameplates, industrial manufacturing, insulation die-cutting and other electrical products in the die-cutting and bonding fields.
1. It has excellent initial bonding performance.
2. It has good adhesion to rough surfaces.
3. Good working performance at low temperature.
4. Used for pasting parts of electrical machinery such as military industry and home appliances.
5. Used for bonding interior decoration materials of automobiles, vehicles and airplanes.
6. Used to bond other flame retardant materials.

application of   DS Tape      use of  DS Tape


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