It’s exciting to move into your own place. Whether you are a first-time renter or an experienced renter, you know that the feeling of having your own office space is unparalleled. After the shower, you can finally sing on the top of your lungs, and no one can bother you.

However, decorations and furnishings can be a little scary-especially if you have no idea how to make your space an HGTV. But don’t worry, we got you.

We have some apartment decoration tips, which will definitely make your space from monotonous to fab. The best part? These are budget friendly, easy to implement, and a hacker approved by the landlord! No experience in interior design is required.



Does your wall look a bit? Why not try to add some color? However, before rushing to the nearest hardware and obtaining these painting supplies, be sure to check your contract or seek permission from the landlord.

In fact, some landlords allow tenants to paint their walls, provided that they must repaint them to the original color when they move out.

However, if you cannot choose, you can choose a removable wallpaper or wall decoration. Actually, why not try to combine the two? If you want to add a little personality to your space, wallpapers are great.


If you want to show off your art collection or want to personalize your apartment, wall art is great. In fact, you can use hooks and tape to mount things on the wall without drilling holes.

But there is one thing to note. The load-bearing capacity of these tools is limited-so you really have to make sure you know the weight of the object to be mounted on the wall.


However, you are not limited to these options. You can try the following other methods:


Use magazine paper cuts and photos as wall decorations.

Use washi tape to stick them on the blank area of the wall.

However, if you do not wish to use washi tape, you can use high-quality double-sided tape. Place the tape on the back of the cut and photo for seamless installation.

Hang a tapestry to bring a comfortable Bohemian atmosphere to your space. You will be surprised to know that there are hundreds of designs to choose from! Use it as a background for placing the sofa.

Use wall decals. They are easy to apply and remove, and they are cheap!

If you have a small apartment, consider installing a mirror to make your space look brighter and bigger.


In addition to adding walls, you should also consider decorating the walls themselves. Try using bright and bold paint colors to create accent walls, or use wallpaper, template decoration, or other decorative paint techniques to introduce patterns. (Think about revamping it when you are on the ceiling!) These decorative decorations may have a greater impact in a smaller space.when you paint your walls ,you can choose our painters tape and masking film,it’s more helpful.