In today’s fast-growing express delivery industry, express packaging has become an indispensable existence.

Although the development of the packaging industry has made great contributions to the prosperity of the

express delivery industry, it has also brought serious environmental problems to mankind.


The problem of plastic pollution in the current environment has attracted worldwide attention; more and more

plastic materials are used for packaging; a large amount of non-degradable solid waste is generated;

biodegradable plastics are considered to be a possible solution to the problem of plastic waste; fully degradable

plastics can be It is completely degraded by microorganisms; it plays a good role in protecting the environment;

plants can produce starch, cellulose, hemicellulose, storage proteins and other polymers under natural

conditions; it is a source of natural degradable polymer materials; it is based on plants ; Fully biodegradable

polymers are completely biodegradable and reproducible; it is a viable material to replace petroleum-based

plastics; introduce possible solutions to the problem of plastic pollution and the research status of the main

plant-based fully biodegradable plastics and Prospects;


The plant-based degradable green express box sealing tape is made of plant fibers. The main component

comes from natural green plant materials. After being placed, it can be naturally degraded.



Advantages of plant-based degradable green express packaging tape:


1. Easy to tear and stick: This packaging tape is soft in texture and can be easily torn off by hand; precision

coating technology, moderate viscosity, will not leave glue stains on the sticking surface

2. Strong stickiness: The packaging tape is suitable for various surfaces with different materials and

different temperature environments.

3. Flexible specifications: The packaging tape’s specifications are flexible in production and can be cut at

will according to user requirements.

4. Anti-static, high efficiency: The packaging tape is made of natural materials, unlike other OPP plastic

packing  tapes that have static problems, reducing the attraction to paper.

5.  Low-carbon and environmentally friendly: The main ingredient comes from natural green plant

materials. When discarded and burned, it produces less harmful gas than OPP packing tape.


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Plant-based biodegradable green express box sealing tape application industries: electronics, automobiles,

toys, clothing, cosmetics, health food, handicrafts and other industries on the production process applications

and various packaging; postal express, e-commerce, gas transportation packaging.


Post time: Dec-24-2020