Cloth tape is a sturdy and versatile polyethylene high-performance tape, reinforced with gauze. It is waterproof, easy to tear, and very suitable for various indoor and outdoor household applications. For any home repair emergency, this is the tape everyone should always get. However, in addition to repairing damaged water pipes or damaged vacuum cleaners, Cloth (duct) tape can do more. With its versatility, strong adhesion and high tensile strength, Cloth (duct) tape can be used in many other clever and novel ways you have never imagined.

printed duct tape

How to make a DIY tape project?Here are some interesting DIY tape projects that anyone can useCloth (duct) tape  to make at home:

1Make a hammock

It sounds crazy, yes. You can use Cloth (duct) tape to make a hammock strong enough to accommodate adults. Simply place the stripes of the tape vertically and on top of each other to create a grid. You can style and personalize it with different tape colors, and because the Cloth (duct) tape is waterproof, you can even put the hammock outside. Simple, cost-effective accessory for indoor and outdoor applications.

application of duct tape

2For wall decoration

Printed Cloth (duct) tape can be used to make photo frames and photo walls. The biggest problem with pasting photos on the wall is that it will fall off with glue or double-sided tape, and it is tedious and unsightly. Use colored cloth tape as a photo frame, stick the four corners of the photo firmly, the tape directly becomes a photo frame, making the room more beautiful and comfortable.

duct tape for decoration 2

3Decoration of paper boxes, potted plants, books

We can choose a variety of different colors and patterns of Cloth (duct) tape for various DIY creative crafts, and make creative things according to our own ideas.

 printed duct tape for DIY

4Make Duct-Tape Belt

You can choose different colors Cloth (duct) tape to make different styles of belts according to your own aesthetics.

 printed duct tape for making belt

5Making handmade flowers

We can use Cloth (duct) tape to decorate our room. In addition to decorating the walls, we can also make some small handicrafts. All we need is a pencil, a colored duct tape and a clean empty bottle. You can choose a few types of cloth tape you like and stick it around the bottle to make a beautiful vase. Then choose a few colorful duct tapes. After folding, wrap the pencil around a few times to make a beautiful flower. finished. This can have a good decorative effect.

duct tape for making handmade flowers

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Post time: Jan-11-2021