Masking tape is mainly used for electronic components of capacitors and used for tape packaging. Used in conjunction with kraft paper tape, suitable for paint spraying or other common paint edges. , Dust, spray paint, electroplating shielding, circuit board (PCB) processing, electrical product insulation, transformers, coils, etc. High temperature resistance, high insulation, easy to tear, leaving no glue residue.

masking tape

Precautions for using masking tape:

1. When using masking tape, the adherend should be kept dry and clean, otherwise it will affect the adhesive effect of the tape.
2. When in use, a certain force can be applied to make the masking tape and the adherend get a good combination.
3. When using the masking tape, pay attention to a certain amount of tension and don’t let the masking tape bend. Because if the masking tape does not have a certain tension, it will easily fail to stick.
4. When using, do not use the masking tape in random combinations. Because each type of masking tape has its own characteristics are different, there will be many unforeseen failures after mixed use.
5. In different environments and different stickies, the same tape will show different results. Therefore, if you need to use a lot, please try it out before use.
6. After use, the masking tape should be peeled off as soon as possible to avoid residual glue.
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Post time: Apr-15-2021