The pressure steam sterilization indicator tape is made of medical textured paper as the base material, made of special heat-sensitive chemical dyes, color developers and its auxiliary materials into ink, coated with color-changing ink as a sterilization indicator, and coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back It is printed on special adhesive tape in diagonal stripes; under the action of saturated steam at a certain temperature and pressure, after a sterilization cycle, the indicator becomes gray-black or black, thereby eliminating Bacteria indicator function. It is specially used for pasting on the package of items to be sterilized and used to indicate whether the package of items has been subjected to pressure steam sterilization process, so as to prevent mixing with the package of items that have not been sterilized.

Autoclave Tape

  • Instruction of Autoclave Indicator Tape

Paste a 5-6cm long steam indicating chemical tape on the sealing part of the article (or container), and the cross-wrap is no less than two weeks, which can play a role of fixing and binding.

Put it in a steam-exhausting autoclave at 120for 20 minutes, or put it in a pre-vacuum autoclave at 134for 3.5 minutes, the indicator changes from light yellow to gray-black or black, indicating that it meets the requirements. If the discoloration is uneven or incomplete, it may indicate that the package has not been sterilized.

Application of Autoclave Tape

Application of Autoclave Tape

  • Precautions of Autoclave Indicator Tape

Do not directly contact the chemical indicator tape with hard surfaces such as metal or glass that easily form condensed water to prevent it from being soaked by condensed water and causing heat-sensitive materials to lose accuracy;

Store at room temperature (15°C-30°C), 50% relative humidity, protected from light (including sunlight, fluorescent lamps and ultraviolet disinfection lights) and humidity; avoid contact with corrosive gases, and do not coexist with polluting or toxic chemicals;

It can only be used for pressure steam chemical monitoring, not for dry heat and chemical gas monitoring;

Sealed at room temperature can be stored for 18 months.


Post time: Mar-30-2021